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The AI, Analytics, and the Future of Work Initiative addresses critical issues regarding the economic and social transformations brought by digital technology. Through research, convening, and education, the initiative informs business leaders and policy makers on how to devise solutions that help the most vulnerable members of society and foster the common good.
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Housed in the McDonough School of Business and serving as a resource for the Georgetown University community, policymakers, and academics, the AI, Analytics, and the Future of Work Initiative addresses how technology is transforming the economy, society, and the nature of work. We conduct and disseminate research that can form leaders who understand and actively engage with the challenges and opportunities of emerging workplace technologies. 

We envision a world in which technological advances serve people. We actively study how new technologies can be deployed to help individuals improve their everyday life and make them more productive members of society. 

By combining Georgetown’s rich tradition, global orientation, and access to policymakers through its Washington, D.C., location, with insights from an advisory group of visionaries who are at the forefront of technology and the future of work, our goal is to develop innovative solutions and solve problems for the common good in three focus areas.

Artificial intelligence and technology

The Promises and Pitfalls of AI

We develop and study AI algorithms that help both individuals and professionals make decisions. We assess the suitability of such machine learning tools across different domains, the most significant barriers to adoption, and the implications for individual privacy.

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Technology and the Workplace

We assess the workforce disruption of new technologies, the need for new skills and workplace roles, and the consequent importance of equitable access to lifelong learning. We also research how companies can leverage technology to build high-performance organizations and solve previously intractable problems for the common good.

Hands of robot and human touching on big data network connection, Science and artificial intelligence technology, innovation and futuristic, AI, Machine learning.

Digital Technology and Inclusive Growth

We explore how technology can be leveraged to promote equitable growth and reduce wealth inequality in society.

Featured Event

ChatGPT and the future of work

As artificial intelligence chatbots like ChatGPT become more powerful and widely available, they will likely affect labor market outcomes. Depending on the roles and industries, we can expect algorithms to either complement workers’ competencies and increase their productivity or reduce the employability of humans altogether. Understanding these trends is crucial for policymakers, company executives, and individuals because they will likely affect the types of jobs that will be in high demand, the types of tasks that individuals will have to perform on the job, and the skills needed to be successful in the labor market.

Previous Speakers

Larry Lerner

Partner, QuantumBlack-McKinsey

Susan Athey

The Economics of Technology Professor, Stanford Graduate School of Business

David Autor

Professor of Economics and Margaret MacVicar Faculty Fellow, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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July 19th, 2023

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Alberto G. Rossi

Director of the AI, Analytics, and Future of Work Initiative
Professor of Finance

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Advisory Group

The Advisory Group comprises a group of business leaders at the forefront of AI, Analytics, and the Future of Work. They are instrumental in setting the vision of the initiative through their advice and recommendations.

  • Matt Breitfelder (Chair)
    Global Head of Human Capital and Senior Partner
    Apollo Group Management
  • Emily Becher
    Stealth stage AI startup
  • Frank Cooper III
    Senior Managing Director and Global Chief Marketing Officer
  • Ipsita Dasgupta
    Senior Executive in International Markets, Digital Content and Services
  • Glenn Eisen (B’87)
    Co-founder, President, and COO
  • Karim El Solh (MBA’91)
    Co-Founder and CEO
    Gulf Capital
  • Amy Goldfinger
    Senior Vice President, Global Talent
  • Doug Knopper (MBA’85)
  • Claudy Jules
    McKinsey & Company

  • Jim Manzi
    Founder, CEO, and Chairman
    Applied Predictive Technologies
  • Jamie Merisotis
    President and CEO
  • Prasad Setty
    Vice President, Digital Work Experience
  • Trina Soske
    Vice President, Global Learning & Development