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As the AI, Analytics, and the Future of Work Initiative explores the economic and social transformations brought about by digital technology, we will be planning events for students, alumni, and the global business community. Please check back to learn about future events as we plan them, or watch videos from our past events.

Upcoming Events

Stay tuned for Fall 2021 upcoming events.

Past Events

2021 Past Events

September 30

How is AI Impacting the Workplace?

Learn how Technology and AI is changing the way companies are operating, from the way they make decisions to the way they hire and motivate employees. The panel also will address how data collected from private companies can provide insights for the public good.

  • Jim Manzi, Founder of and author of “Uncontrolled”
  • Matthew Breitfelder, Global Head of Human Capital and Senior Partner at Apollo
  • Prasad Setty, Vice President of People Operations at Google
  • Fiona Greig, Managing Director and the Co-President at the JPMorgan Chase Institute

Moderated by Alberto Rossi, Provost’s Distinguished Associate Professor of Finance

October 1

Disrupting Personal Finance with Robo Advisors

In partnership with FMA International, the Mayo Center for Asset Management and the AI, Analytics, and Future of Work Initiative at Georgetown invite you to join us for an upcoming session of our Virtual Seminar Series. This session will explore the promises and pitfalls of robo-advising. The FinTech revolution has brought with it many advances in asset management, including the area of dispensing personal financial advice without the interaction of human advisors. Our guest speaker will examine the uptake of this burgeoning tool and assess its impact on financial decision-making by investors – both the good and the bad.

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  • Alberto Rossi, Provost’s Distinguished Associate Professor of Finance, Director of the AI, Analytics and Future of Work Initiative, McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University

Moderated by Pedro Matos, John G. Macfarlane Family Chair and Professor of Business Administration, Academic Director of Richard A. Mayo Center for Asset Management, University of Virginia Darden School of Business

January – March

Global Virtual Seminar Series on Fintech

Sponsored by Georgetown Center for Financial Markets and Policy.

2020 Past Events


AI and the Future of Work

Sponsored by the Georgetown University Alumni Association

Artificial intelligence is an integral part of our daily lives, and its presence will only continue to grow in a world that has been indelibly changed by COVID-19. Between organizations that have gone entirely remote and unemployed workers in need of new opportunities, to the shifting landscape of matching talent with opportunities, many are looking to artificial intelligence to mitigate the issues we face, and to build a more prepared and effective workforce. While it is vital for us to lean into the inevitable power of AI, we must also recognize and explore the ethical implications of AI. Where does our humanity end in a world that is ever-increasingly tied to AI?

Join Paul Almeida (P’16, ‘20), dean of Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business, and alumni in the world of AI for a look at how AI is shaping the future of work and what steps are being taken to prepare the next generation workforce.


  • Flynn Coleman (F’03), author, A Human Algorithm
  • Maggie Little, founder and director, Ethics Lab, Kennedy Institute of Ethics
  • Fabio Rosati (B’87, P’18, ‘23), executive chairman, Snagajob
  • Jason Schloetzer, associate professor, McDonough School of Business.


Big Data, Small Data, and Covid-19

Sponsored by the Georgetown McDonough Alumni Relations Office.


  • Jose Luis Guerrero Cusumano, associate professor of operations and information management, Georgetown McDonough
  • Jocelyn Byrne Houle (MBA’98), operating partner for growth ventures, Capital One
  • Aishah Iqbal (MBA’06), vice president of analytics, Essence Global.


A Reskilling Revolution, Lifelong Learning, and the Future of Work

Sponsored by the Georgetown McDonough Alumni Relations Office

Employers are increasingly emphasizing the need for prospective and current employees to reskill throughout their careers. Join us for a moderated discussion about how emerging technologies are helping employees reskill on the job, and the rapidly increasing employment value of certifications and credentials obtained from outside of the university setting.