Faculty & Research

Our faculty fellows come from different backgrounds and comprise researchers inside and outside Georgetown. They are all involved in studying how AI and Analytics is shaping the economy and the Future of Work.

Affiliated Faculty

Georgetown McDonough


Francesco D’Acunto

Associate Professor

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Janet Gao

Associate Professor

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Quan Wen

Assistant Professor

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Xiaofei Zhao

Associate Professor

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Lizhi Liu

Assistant Professor;
Anderson Family Fellow

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Stephen Weymouth

Provost’s Distinguished
Associate Professor

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Gerard George

Professor of Management

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Jennifer Logg

Assistant Professor

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Nick Lovegrove

Professor of the Practice

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Michael O’Leary

Senior Associate Dean, Custom Executive Education

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Monica Gamez-Djokic

Visiting Assistant Professor

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Gilles Hilary

Houston Professor

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Wei (Vicki) Tang

Associate Professor

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Simon J. Blanchard

Beyer Family Associate Professor

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Operations and Information Management Faculty

Volodymyr O. Babich


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Emisa Nategh

Assistant Teaching Professor

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Qiuping Yu

Visiting Associate Professor

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External Faculty:


Working Papers

“Who Benefits from Robo-advising? Evidence from Machine Learning,” by Alberto Rossi and  Stephen Utkus. Working paper. 

The Supply and Demand for Data Privacy: Evidence from Mobile Apps,” by Huan Tang with Bo Bian and Xinchen Ma. Working paper. Best Paper Award at the Annual Conference in Digital Economics 2022.

“Extracting Image Characteristics to Predict Crowdfunding Success,” by Simon Blanchard, T. J. Noseworthy, E. Pancer, M. Poole.

Privacy Laws and the Value of Data,” by Huan Tang with Simona Abis, Mehmet Canayaz, Ilja Kantorovitch, and Roxana Mihet. Working paper.

FinTech Lending and Cashless Payments,” by Yao Zeng with Pulak Ghosh and Boris Vallee. Working paper.

“Who will share Fake-News on Twitter? Psycholinguistic cues in online post histories discriminate Between actors in the misinformation ecosystem,” by Simon Blanchard, Verena Schoenmueller, and Gita Johar.

“The Needs and Wants in Financial Advice: Human versus Robo-Advising,” by Alberto Rossi and Stephen Utkus. Working paper.

Automation in Small Business Lending Can Reduce Racial Disparities: Evidence from the Paycheck Protection Program,” by Sabrina Howell with Theresa Kuchler, David Snitkof, Johannes Stroebel, and Jun Wong. Working paper, 2022.

The Color of Money: Federal vs. Industry Funding of University Research,” by Sabrina Howell with Tania Babina, Alex He, Elisabeth Perlman, and Joseph Staudt. Working paper, 2022.

Labor Market Networks and Asset Returns,” by Xiaofei Zhao, Joon Woo Bae, Turan Bali, and Ali Sharifkhani. Working paper.

The Value of Privacy: Evidence from Online Borrowers,” by Huan Tang. Working paper. 

“From Click to Boom: The Political Economy of E-Commerce in China,” by Lizhi Liu. Book Manuscript.

“Crowdsourcing Peer Information to Change Spending Behavior,” by Francesco D’Acunto,  Alberto Rossi, and Michael Weber. Working paper.

“The Impact of Automation in the Workplace on Creativity,” by Monica Gamez-Djokic, A. Waytz, and M. Kouchaki. Working paper.

“How Costly are Cultural Biases? Evidence from FinTech” by Francesco D’Acunto, Pulak Ghosh, Rajiv Jain, and Alberto Rossi. Working paper.

“Lay Theories of Morality: Assessing Individuals’ Beliefs about the Essence of Moral Behavior,” by Monica Gamez-Djokic, D. Molden. Working paper.

“Goal Setting and Saving in the FinTech Era” by Antonio Gargano and Alberto Rossi. Working paper.

“Artificial Intelligence and Fraud Detection,” by Gilles Hilary, Bin Ke, and Yang Bao. Innovative Technology at the Interface of Finance and Operations – Volume I, Springer Series in Supply Chain Management, Springer. Forthcoming 2022.

“Blockchain and other Distributed Ledger Technologies, an advanced primer,” by Gilles Hilary. Innovative Technology at the Interface of Finance and Operations – Volume I, Springer Series in Supply Chain Management, Springer. Forthcoming 2022.

“Tutorial on Blockchain Applications in Supply Chains,” by Gilles Hilary and Volodymir Babich. Innovative Technology at the Interface of Finance and Operations – Volume II, Springer Series in Supply Chain Management, Springer. Forthcoming 2022.

“The Feedback Effect of Social Media on Corporate Investment: Evidence from Twitter Presence and Engagement,” by Wei Tang with Atul Singh. Invited submission to Review of Financial Studies under the dual submission process with NBER Big Data conference.

“Wisdom of Crowds as a Verification Tool in Bank Lending: Evidence from Borrowers’ Customer Tweets,” by Wei Tang, Jeong Bon Kim, and Albert Mensah. Management Science. Under review.

Published Papers

“Learning from Feedback: Evidence from New Ventures,” by Sabrina Howell. Review of Finance 25. Lead Article and Editor’s Choice, 2021.

Local Experiences, Attention and Spillovers in the Housing Market,” by Antonio Gargano with Marco Giacoletti and Elvis Jarnecic. Forthcoming in Journal of Finance.

Purpose in the For-Profit Firm: A Review and Framework for Management Research,” by Gerard George, Martine R. Haas, Anita Mcgahan, Simon Schillebeeckx, Paul Tracey. Journal of Management, January 2022.

“New Frontiers of Robo-Advising: Consumption, Saving, Debt Management, and Taxes,” by Alberto Rossi and Francesco D’Acunto. Machine Learning in Financial Markets: A Guide to Contemporary Practice, Cambridge University Press, Forthcoming. Editors: A. Capponi and C. Lehalle.

The Psychology of Big Data: Developing a ‘Theory of Machine’ to Examine Perceptions of Algorithms,” by Jennifer Logg. Peer-Reviewed and Accepted in Matz, S. (Ed.), American Psychological Association Handbook of Psychology of Technology, 2022.

News as Sources of Jumps in Stock Returns: Evidence From 21 Million News Articles for 9000 Companies,” by Xiaofei Zhao, Yoontae Jeon, and Tom McCurdy, forthcoming at Journal of Financial Economics, 2021.

“Different Strokes: Return Predictability Across Stocks and Bonds with Machine Learning and Big Data,” by Quan Wen, Turan G. Bali, Amit Goyal, Dashan Huang, and Fuwei Jiang. February 2021.

“Robo-Advising,” by Alberto Rossi and Francesco D’Acunto. Palgrave Macmillan Handbook of Technological Finance, 2021. Editors: R. Rau, R. Wardrop, L. Zingales.

“The Promises and Pitfalls of Robo-advising,” by Francesco D’Acunto, Alberto Rossi, and Nagpurnanand Prabhala. Review of Financial Studies, 2019, 32 (5), 1982-2020.